Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ultrachip VS Forest Closure

Ultrachip venue The Forest is currently facing closure unless they can raise the £500,000 required to buy their building.

The Forest is an important arts and events space that has provided great support to the local creative community for over a decade. In an attempt to help out, we've put together a benefit album where all proceeds go directly to them.

'Ultrachip VS Forest Closure' features tracks by every artist who performed at Ultrachip. The bulk of them are exclusive, new or rare. £5 gets you 15 tracks, neat accompanying artwork by Retchy v Smash, plus your money goes towards a worthy cause. It's a good deal.

Stream above, follow link to download. Thanks.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

It was a success!

Ultrachip 2010 was so great that it's taken me over two weeks to collect myself and post this. If you were there, you know this is truth. If you were not, I pity you.

The Forest was filled to capacity on Saturday, with people queueing outside for entry. Experienced acts remarked that it was the most enthusiastic UK chip gig crowd they'd ever seen. Sunday night (held in the larger upstairs area) saw a second assault of equally powerful music, though with a slightly reduced crowd. We'll aim for a Friday & Saturday night next time instead. :)

My heartfelt thanks to all who performed, contributed and attended. All acts (musical and visual) performed without payment, purely for the love of chip music. The event was free to attend, which meant a greater number of random people turned up & were exposed to fresh sounds. I personally spoke to several people who'd never heard any chip music before that weekend, but were rendered excited converts by their Ultrachip experience. This is good.

Ultrachip 2011 will definitely be happening, but you'll have a long wait for further details. I suggest you follow us on Twitter and watch for the signal. Have patience.

There are plenty of photos on the Ultrachip Facebook group, plus many videos grouped together on the Ultrachip YouTube channel.

Here's a small sample:

Photos courtesy of Tom Lindsay. Check the above links for more media. Don't let yourself down.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Sunday afternoon...

All Sunday afternoon Ultrachip activities will be held upstairs at the Forest. The main hall will house the Chip Market, running from 12 - 5pm. The secondary room (attached to the main hall) is where the tutorials will be happening.

12pm, main hall - Chip Market starts, ongoing until 5pm. A range of chip-related music, accessories, art, electronics, other, will be on offer for you to peruse and purchase.

1pm, room 2 - 'The VJ Survival Guide', presented by LastKnight

2pm, room 2 - LSDJ tutorial, presented by Edward Shallow

3pm, main hall - Tonylight performs live!

4pm, room 2 - Circuit Bending tutorial, presented by Enfant Bastard

5pm - CLOSE, so setup/soundchecking can start for that night.

Each tutorial will be up to 1 hour in length (but no longer), and will be FREE to attend. Attendees: please be on time! Don't wander in late if you can help it; it's disrespectful to the hosts, who are being good enough to share their knowledge & expertise for no personal gain.

Don't miss Tonylight! Hear great live music while browsing chip goods, 3-4pm!

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Behold! The white border is just so it can be seen more clearly on this page. You can download the standard poster from these locations:

SMALL (for general online posting / spamming)
FULL A3 SIZE! (if you want to go crazy and print off copies for some reason)

Spread the word!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Ultrachip line-up announced!

Starting with headliner, live music from:

\\Saturday 21st August\\
The Tin Foil Hat Brigade
Diamonds & Dynamite

\\Sunday 22nd August\\
Talk to Animals
Firebrand Boy
Edward Shallow
Enfant Bastard
Bit Face

Music expected to run from approximately 8.30pm - 1.30am, with DJs until 3am.

Plus visuals from:

Saturday 21st August - LastKnight, Retchy & Smash

Sunday 22nd August - Pointless Creations, Robert Motyka

The poster should be ready for unveiling soon...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

This is it

The June 1st deadline has passed - we are now closed to submissions for performers & collaborators. However, we're still open for any chip merchants out there. If you have chip-related art, merchandise or devices you're looking to sell, get in touch; the chip market on Sunday is the place for you.

Now we begin sorting out the details and nailing things down as best we can. We humbly suggest you follow our progress by joining the Ultrachip Facebook group and/or following us on Twitter. We will keep you informed of exciting developments.

A list of confirmed chip artists (so far) can also be seen over on the right. We'll be adding to that over the next couple of weeks. The final schedule of live visual artists will also soon be revealed.

There is much still to do.