Monday, 16 August 2010

Sunday afternoon...

All Sunday afternoon Ultrachip activities will be held upstairs at the Forest. The main hall will house the Chip Market, running from 12 - 5pm. The secondary room (attached to the main hall) is where the tutorials will be happening.

12pm, main hall - Chip Market starts, ongoing until 5pm. A range of chip-related music, accessories, art, electronics, other, will be on offer for you to peruse and purchase.

1pm, room 2 - 'The VJ Survival Guide', presented by LastKnight

2pm, room 2 - LSDJ tutorial, presented by Edward Shallow

3pm, main hall - Tonylight performs live!

4pm, room 2 - Circuit Bending tutorial, presented by Enfant Bastard

5pm - CLOSE, so setup/soundchecking can start for that night.

Each tutorial will be up to 1 hour in length (but no longer), and will be FREE to attend. Attendees: please be on time! Don't wander in late if you can help it; it's disrespectful to the hosts, who are being good enough to share their knowledge & expertise for no personal gain.

Don't miss Tonylight! Hear great live music while browsing chip goods, 3-4pm!