Tuesday, 7 September 2010

It was a success!

Ultrachip 2010 was so great that it's taken me over two weeks to collect myself and post this. If you were there, you know this is truth. If you were not, I pity you.

The Forest was filled to capacity on Saturday, with people queueing outside for entry. Experienced acts remarked that it was the most enthusiastic UK chip gig crowd they'd ever seen. Sunday night (held in the larger upstairs area) saw a second assault of equally powerful music, though with a slightly reduced crowd. We'll aim for a Friday & Saturday night next time instead. :)

My heartfelt thanks to all who performed, contributed and attended. All acts (musical and visual) performed without payment, purely for the love of chip music. The event was free to attend, which meant a greater number of random people turned up & were exposed to fresh sounds. I personally spoke to several people who'd never heard any chip music before that weekend, but were rendered excited converts by their Ultrachip experience. This is good.

Ultrachip 2011 will definitely be happening, but you'll have a long wait for further details. I suggest you follow us on Twitter and watch for the signal. Have patience.

There are plenty of photos on the Ultrachip Facebook group, plus many videos grouped together on the Ultrachip YouTube channel.

Here's a small sample:

Photos courtesy of Tom Lindsay. Check the above links for more media. Don't let yourself down.