Tuesday, 23 August 2011

U2011 report

Ultrachip 2011 was pretty much everything that could have been hoped for. Two solid nights of great music, lots of dancing and fist pumping, much sweat and shouting. Friendships were made, knowledge was shared, laughs were had.

Once more, my thanks and gratitude to everyone who attended, performed or in some way facilitated the happening of the event. Thanks also to the guys at The Forest for allowing us to do this again, and for not minding us hustling patrons off tables & blasting them with square waves. This will most likely be the last time Ultrachip happens at The Forest since it's expected to cease to exist in just a few days - a sad loss of a unique Edinburgh venue.

For those of you couldn't make it (or those who did & want to relive it) please enjoy the following chronologically arranged playlist of clips of performers from both nights:

All videos by Tom Lindsay, though others may be added as time goes on. Photos to appear sometime soon too!